How to Perform a Clean Install of Windows 7

Back up any information necessary before performing this installation 

Wipe Hard Drive With UBCD (Recommended)
  1. Burn copy of UBCD from "".
  2. When rebooting enter boot menu by pressing F12 (may be another function key, usually labeled on the boot screen).
  3. Boot from UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD).
  4. Use any HDD Wiping utility to format Hard Drive.
  5. If HDD does not show up in Wiping utility, ensure that SATA Operation is set to "AHCI" in BIOS.
Install/Configure Windows 7
  1. Boot from Windows 7 64-bit CD (Step 2 of "Wipe Hard Drive With UBCD").
  2. Perform Custom Install of Windows 7.
    • Delete all partitions if Hard Drive was not wiped
  3. Run Windows Update until there are no updates available.
Drivers and Software
  1. Install all drivers for major hardware (manufacturer's website(s)). See guide here.
  2. Ensure all hardware is working properly.
    • Right-click "My Computer", click on "Manage".
    • Select "Device Manager".
    • Go down the list and make sure every piece of hardware is enabled and working properly.
  3. Install any other software necessary.
    • Recommended: 
      1. Adobe Flash
      2. Adobe Reader
      3. Antivirus Software (Microsoft Security Essentials)
      4. Preferred Internet Browser

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