Set up 102copier with your User Code


Windows 10
  1. Connect to the EECS print server.
    Press Windows Key + R to launch the Run dialog.

    From the Run box, type: \\

  2. If prompted for credentials, use your EECS Username/Password.
    (EECS Username example) Username: EECS\sstudent

  3. Double-click on 102copier from the list of available printers

  4. You should see the following screen:

  5. After the printer has successfully been added, close the Windows Explorer windows from

  6. Next, open Devices and printers. You can either search for it from the start menu, or find it in the Control Panel.

  7. Right click on 102copier on printserver and select Printing preferences

  8. In the dialog box that opens up, select the Detailed Settings tab.

  9. *Important* From the Detailed Settings tab, make sure the Job Setup menu is selected. From this screen you should enter your User Code in the appropriate field. If you don't have a user code  (You won't be able to print without a User Code)

  10. Next, select the Basic menu, and change the Color / Black and White setting to Black and White.

  11. Almost done! Click Apply, then click OK.

    You're done! You can close out any of the windows that were opened during the installation process.


Mac OS X 10.11

Please note that at this time (6/6/2016) we do not have a method for printing from Mac OS X connected via WSU Wireless.
  1. Install the drivers for Mac OS X 10.11 for the Ricoh MP C6003 from here.
  2. Click the Apple Icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  3. Click on System Preferences...
  4. Open the Printers Icon
  5. Add a new printer with settings that match the following picture:
  6. If you get an error as shown below, hit Continue
  7. To add your User Code, open up a program that you can print from. I used TextEdit in this example...
  8. Open the Print... dialog
  9. From the Print dialog, open the drop-down menu below the Orientation field, and select Job Log.
  10. *IMPORTANT* Check the box for Enable User Code and enter your User Code in the text field below.  (You won't be able to successfully print without a User Code)
  11. You're done! Go ahead and close the windows you had open. You can now successfully print to the EEME102 Copier

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