Step 1: Select New connection, select SSH as protocol, then Continue
Step 2: For host, type, or use one of the other available EECS SSH hosts, and select continue
Step 3: Select Usse the NoMachine login, then continue
Step 4: Leave the options at their default (blank), select continue
Step 5: Leave options at default (Don't use a proxy), select continue
Step 6: Leave options at default (if you want, you can change it), select Done
Step 7: Home screen should look similar to this.  Select Connect to ssh1, then Connect.
Step 8: Enter Username & Password, select OK.
Step 9: Select Create a new GNOME virtual desktop, then continue.
Step 10: Select OK.
Step 11: Select OK.
Select 12: Select OK.
Step 13: Congratulations, you're connected =)

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