Note: This article was made using Android Version 5.1 on an HTC One M9. If you are using an earlier or later version of Android or a Samsung device, we are currently working on creating the knowledge base articles for those special cases.
1.Open the settings menu on your android device and navigate to Accounts/Sync.
2. Click Add Account and navigate to "Personal (IMAP)".
3. Enter your EECS email and press next and then enter your EECS password and press next again.
4. Under server name change to Press Next.
5.  Under SMTP server name change to Press Next.
6. Choose your preferred account options.
7. Complete your setup by entering you account name to be seen in your default mail app and your display name on return emails.
Setup is now complete and you can access your email settings and accounts for management through your default email app on your android device.

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