This is a knowledge base article for setting up your EECS email account to link with Microsoft Outlook.
For a knowledge base article on setting up your WSU email account please follow this link:
1. Open Microsoft Outlook to initiate the installation wizard. Click Next to begin
2. Select Yes and then press Next.
3. Select "Manual setup or additional server types". Press Next.
4. Select POP or IMAP. Then press Next.
5. Fill out the form in this manner. Then select "More Settings".
6. Check the box indicated below. Then proceed to "Advanced".
7. Fill out the highlighted fields as seen below. Then press OK.
8. You will be prompted to enter your EECS password. This may happen 2-3 times. Enter your password and then press OK.
9. When this dialog box shows that the test email has successfully completed, you may then close this dialog box by clicking the Close button.
10. You may choose to add another account to your Outlook profile from this screen or from the drop down menu in the Outlook application by selecting: File->Add Account.
Congratulation! You have completed the setup.

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