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(Step 2 of EECS / SDC ➜ WSU Mail series)

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This article will walk you through the steps to move mail from EECS or SDC to WSU's Office 365 mail service.

Make sure you have completed Step 1 of this process (here) to stop receiving mail at EECS / SDC before following this tutorial!
If you get stuck or run into problems, please send an email to, call the VCEA Helpdesk at (509) 335-6773, or stop by the VCEA Helpdesk in Sloan 358.
  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to one of the addresses below, and log in using the appropriate credentials. We'll be using Google Chrome in this article, but any modern browser will work. We'll also be using EECS as our example throughout this article.

    If you have trouble logging in, please send us an email at or call the VCEA Helpdesk at (509) 335-6773

  2. In the left column, above "Inbox", click on the gear icon next to the Mail Folders heading, and select "New Folder".
    We're going to name this folder "All_EECS_Mail", but you can choose whatever you'd like. (We've also made the folder "red" so it will be easy to distinguish from other folders.)
     We're going to store all of our existing EECS mail under this folder for the migration.
    Make sure this folder is created at the root of your mailbox. It should be on the same level as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc...
    After you've filled out the info, press "OK" to create your new folder.

    This is what it should look like if your folder is created at the correct level. Notice that it is at the same level (depth) as your Inbox.

  3. Under the folder you just created, we're going to create a couple more folders. Right click on the "All_EECS_Mail" folder, and select "New Folder".
    We're going to create our Inbox for the migration in the next step.

  4. Name your new folder "Inbox", and hit OK.
    When creating your new folders, make sure the "Parent:" field is "All_EECS_Mail"

    After your new "Inbox" folder is created, the directory structure should look like this. Notice how this folder is a sub-folder of "All_EECS_Mail"

  5. Next, drag and drop your existing folders that are outside of 'All_EECS_Mail" into that folder. In this example, we're dragging the folder "Other_Mail" into "All_EECS_Mail". We've already dragged the folder "Automated" inside "All_EECS_Mail" (see the picture above for the before and after)
    Drag all your existing folders so that they are sub-folders of "All_EECS_Mail". This is important, so you don't lose any mail during the migration.

  6. Next, open your original Inbox, select all of your emails, and drag them to the "Inbox" folder below "All_EECS_Mail".
    If you'd like to keep your sent messages, create a new sub-folder called "Sent" and drag and drop all of your messages from your original "Sent" folder there.
    For this picture, we're doing this process for the sent folder (because this account's original Inbox was empty)
    Depending on how much mail you need to move, this process can take a while... anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours (so don't be alarmed when Zimbra seems to stop responding)

    At this point, you should have moved all of the mail from your EECS or SDC account into a single folder on the server.
    If you have other mail on the EECS or SDC server, make sure you move it to one of the folders you created earlier, so you don't lose it in the transition!

  7. From your web browser, navigate to

  8. Log in with your WSU Network ID and password...

  9. Once you are logged in, you should see your WSU inbox. Click on the "gear" icon in the black bar at the top of the page, then click "Mail" near the bottom of the page, under the "Your app settings" header.

  10. Find and open the "Connected Accounts" section, located under Mail, then under Accounts.

  11. Hit the "+" icon, which will pull up the following screen.
    Enter your EECS or SDC account here, along with your EECS or SDC password. Then click "OK"

  12. Your mail will now begin to sync with Office365.
    This process can take quite a while, depending on how much mail you have to transfer over, so take a break and check back later.

    At this point, you should start to see your mail show up in your email account under the "All_EECS_Mail" folder. Any new messages you receive will go to your inbox, but you can always move them to folders if you want to.


Next Steps

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If you get stuck or run into problems, please send an email to, call the VCEA Helpdesk at (509) 335-6773, or stop by the VCEA Helpdesk in Sloan 358.

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