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How to Update your EECS Website using Windows
Last Updated 6 months ago

From a computer outside the EECS Network
(ex. your personal laptop)
  • Follow this link to find instructions on how to use FTP to access your EECS home directory. After you've connected to your EECS home dir, follow the instructions for computers on the EECS Network below.

From a computer on the EECS Network
  1. Create a new directory (or find the existing one) in your Z drive (or home directory) called public_html

  2. In this directory, create a new notepad file called index.html

  3. From a web browser, navigate to"your_eecs_username_goes_here" (omit quotation marks)

  4. You can now use the notepad file that you created to edit your EECS homepage using HTML.
If you are not familiar with HTML, see this link from w3schools for an introduction.

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