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Reset your EECS Password
Last Updated 2 months ago

Do you know your existing EECS password?

  • YES!
    • You must change your password from a device inside the EECS network, for example, a lab computer, SSH servers, or your office desktop (for EECS fac/staff/grad students)
    • Follow the instructions below based on what location you are resetting your password from.
  • No?
    • Please look through these account quick facts before proceeding to the next bullet point.
    • Please come to the EECS Helpdesk in Sloan 358 for solutions if you have forgotten your password, have an expired account, or for general questions and concerns regarding the status of your EECS account.

To change your EECS password from Windows:

  1. Log into any Windows computer in the EECS network using your EECS account.
  2. a. If you are logged in locally, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choose "Change a password".

    b. If you are logged in remotely (via remote desktop or from a thin client), move your mouse to the top center of the screen. From the "Options" menu, pick 'Send CTRL+ALT+DELETE"
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.

To change your EECS password from Linux:

SSH into one of the Available EECS SSH servers image

Use the “kpasswd” command NOT "passwd" and change your password

Exit out of the SSH server and reconnect

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