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Connect to VCEA printers from Windows
Last Updated 3 months ago

Connect to VCEA printers from Windows

  1. From your desktop, press:
  2. In the "Run" dialog box that appeared after step 1. enter \\

  3. (For domain-joined computers, this step shouldn't be necessary)
    If prompted for credentials, use your CEA Username/Password.
    Password: your_cea_password
  4. After you have authenticated, you should see a list of printers.
    Double click your desired printer to add it to your system.

Can't find the printer you're looking for?

Open a ticket here!

Trying to add printers from a Mac?

Follow this link!

Version History
[2018-11-15] (EO) Updated run dialog picture to show the correct path, updated step three to include the full FQDN before the username
[2018-11-09] (EO) Updated article to reflect changes to VCEA's printservers

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