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Configure MS3270 (WSU AIS)
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Configure MS3270 (WSU AIS)

  1. Open MS3270...
    Don't have MS3270 installed? Contact your local IT Helpdesk to get MS3270 installed.
  2. From the "Connect" tab, click "Connect..."

  3. In the "Connect" dialog box that appears, change the settings to match the portions in red in the following picture.
    Host Name or IP Address:
    Autoconnect: Checked
    Auto Reconnect: Checked
    TLS/SSL encryption: Require

  4. In the "Connect" dialog box, click the "Configure" button (see the blue arrow in the above picture), and change the setings to match the portions in red in the following picture, then close the "TLS Settings" window.
    Client Method: TLS
    Permit Self-Signed: Checked

  5. Click "Connect".

  6. You may be prompted with a dialog that looks like the following picture. If everything looks like the picture below, click Yes, and continue on to the next step. If the info you see is different, contact your local IT Helpdesk before continuing.

  7. Once connected, you should see a screen that looks like this.

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