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How to Recognize an Official WSU Password Reset Email
Last Updated 2 years ago

WSU will only send you an email regarding resetting your password with the email and will never send an email with a hyperlink, all URLs that they instruct you to follow will be presented as an image, not in text.

The following form is the email that WSU will send you when they want you to reset your WSU Network ID password.


Dear User,

You are receiving this message because your WSU Network ID (NID)
password will expire in 14 day(s) on X/XX/201X at X:XX XM.

Your WSU NID is necessary to access many online WSU services, such as
email, myWSU, WSU Wireless, and WSU ResNet. As per information security
best practice, WSU requires NID passwords to be changed every 180 days.
To avoid any inconvenience or interruption in service, please make sure
you reset your password before it expires.

Reset Your NID Password

* Open a web browser and navigate to the URL as depicted below:

* Click on the “Login to change your password” link and follow the
step-by-step instructions.

Update Saved Passwords

After changing your WSU Network ID password, be sure to update any
stored passwords on your computers and mobile devices. Common locations
for stored passwords are in email and calendar applications, wireless
profiles, and internet browsers.

Failure to update stored passwords may result in your account being
locked out due to these applications trying to connect with your old
password multiple times.

Notification Opt-out

By default, you will be notified five times within 14 days of your
password expiration. If you wish to opt out of all but the last email
notification, sent out the day before your password expires, please
follow this option below.

* Open a web browser and navigate to the myWSU page as depicted below:

* Navigate to *Main Menu* -> *General Links* -> *Password Opt Out* and
select *Opt Out*.


If you cannot change your password before it expires, you can change
your password at any time by following the password reset procedure above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CougTech
( or 509-335-HELP).

Thank you,

Information Technology Services
Washington State University

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