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How to access a network share
Last Updated 5 months ago

Please follow the below steps to access a shared folder on a network location.
If you get stuck at any point during this tutorial, please contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk in one of the following ways:

On Windows:

Before you begin, connect to the VPN (WSU VPN ) if off-campus

1. Open Windows Explorer and go to This PC.


2. Click on 'Computer'.


3. Under Network, got to 'Map Network drive'.


4. A new dialog box will appear(as shown below)


Enter the folder name 

that you wish to access. 
If you are uncertain about the folder name for your share, contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk for assistance

Once entered the folder name, make sure that the 'Reconnect at sign-in' checkbox is unchecked and the 'Connect using different credentials'' box is checked (as shown in the above screenshot).

Click Finish.

5. A new window will open prompting for the login credentials (as shown below). 


Enter your domain credentials and click OK.

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